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EH-12 Vibra-CleanTM Emitter Head Specifications

EH-12 Access Box

Access Box. P/N 6303

EH-12 Below Ground Installation

EH-12 Emitter, below ground installation. P/N 1704

EH-12 Above Ground Installation

EH-12 Emitter, above ground installation. P/N 1704

EZ-Ell Flexible Swing Joint

E-Z Ell Flexible Swing Joint. P/N 2361, 2366

EH-12: Twelve-Outlet Drip Irrigation Emitter Head
The emitter head shall be a pressure-compensating type, of two-piece screw-apart construction, containing twelve separate pressure compensating control valves, each made of silicone elastomer designed to withstand heat, chemicals and fertilizers. The flow rates for each valve shall be 1/2, 3/4, 1, 2 gallons per hour at a pressure range of 5 psi to 60 psi.

The walls of the pressure compensating control valves shall vibrate, creating a humming sound when the emitter is in operation. This vibration is effective in preventing plugging of the emitter orifices.

The emitter head shall have 1/2" female pipe threads and will screw onto any 1/2" riser or bubbler stake. The emitter head cap shall contain an internal filter assembly that can be removed for cleaning purposes while the emitter body remains on the riser assembly. The minimum filtration area shall be two square inches and the filter shall not pass particulate matter larger than 75 microns. The emitter cap shall have a diameter of two inches. The emitter head shall have a height of two inches.

The twelve outlets shall be designed to accept a .125 I.D. distribution tube at each outlet. Each outlet shall accept a shut-off plug to allow flow to be stopped. Any number of outlets may be shut off without affecting the flow to the remaining open outlets. The emitter head configuation shall allow valve outlets to be opened, or shut off, without removing the emitter body from the riser assembly.

Distribution Tubing Stake
A distribution tubing stake shall be used to hold the tubing firmly in position at the watering point. The stake should be of a design that holds the tubing end above the soil. The holding device of the stake shall completely surround the distribution tubing which shall be threaded through the hollow holding device.

Distribution Tube Outlet Cap with Drip Ring (Bug Cap)
The distribution tube end shall be fitted with a check valve to keep debris and insects from entering the tube. The check valve shall be of a design which utilizes a collar to direct the water to the desired application zone and prevent it from running back down the distribution tube.

Emitter Access Box
The subterranean emitter box shall have a removable lid which shall be installed at ground level. It shall have slots on either side which are 1-1/2" wide by 5-1/2" high. The total height of the box shall be 9". Purple lid available for reclaimed water installations.

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