The Vibra-Clean®

Twelve Outlets
EH-12 Vibra-Clean®

The Vibra-Clean®

Technically, building a good pressure-compensating emitter has always been exremely difficult. All compensating devices prior to the
Vibra-Clean® principle used a labyrinth-disk-and-slot or just a disk-and-slot. Each of these designs had one or more of the following weaknesses: large physical size, initial surge, poor uniformity or high pressure shut down.
The Vibra-Clean® design solves each of these problems.

The patented silicone cylinder is surgeless even at the startup, reaching full flow performance at 3.5 psi. Consistent by design and produced to close tolerances, the uniformity is unmatched by any other emitter. The Vibra-Clean® is a dramatic technical innovation, yet practical when controlling flow over long runs or uneven terrain.


Vibra-Clean® Pressure-Compensating
Multi-Outlet Emitters

Vibra-Clean® Twelve-Outlet,
"EH-12®" Series Emitter Head

1702 0.50 gph

1703 0.75 gph

1704 1.00 gph

1708 2.00 gph

Eh-12® System Kit

Kit includes one EH-12® head, 12 bug caps, 12 stakes, 1 locking tie and 100 feet of distribution tubing
1701-002 0.50 gph

1701-003 0.75 gph

1701-004 1.00 gph

1701-008 2.00 gph

The EH-12® can be described as a "drip system in a head." Each head contains twelve pressure-compensating emitter valves, distribution tube fittings, a method of opening or closing each outlet, a filter and fertilizer application capability. Ideal for drip installation in landscape applications, it threads onto any 1/2 inch NPT male riser. Using the Emitter Access Box, the head can be installed underground.

Accessories include: bug caps, stakes, distribution tubing and emitter access boxes with purple or green lids.

EH-12® Applications

The EH-12 can be installed above ground.
The EH-12can be installed below ground.
Ideal for many commercial applications, the EH-12 is used extensively on median strips, reducing the potential for vandalism and overspray.
  • Area plantings
  • Slopes
  • Parking islands
  • When overspray is a problem
  • Uneven terrain
  • Buried or above-ground installation
  • Median strips
  • U.S. Patents 4,589,595; 4,627,573; 4,392,616; 5,054,690; other patents pending.

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