The Vibra-Clean®

Six Outlets
Swivel Base Barbed Inlet

Technically, building a good pressure-compensating emitter has always been exremely difficult. All compensating devices prior to the
Vibra-Clean® principle used a labyrinth-disk-and-slot or just a disk-and-slot. Each of these designs had one or more of the following weaknesses: large physical size, initial surge, poor uniformity or high pressure shut down.
The Vibra-Clean® design solves each of these problems.

The patented silicone cylinder is surgeless even at the startup, reaching full flow performance at 3.5 psi. Consistent by design and produced to close tolerances, the uniformity is unmatched by any other emitter. The Vibra-Clean® is a dramatic technical innovation, yet practical when controlling flow over long runs or uneven terrain.


Vibra-Clean® Pressure-Compensating
Multi-Outlet Emitters

Vibra-Clean® Six-Outlet,
Barbed Base Emitter

1762 0.50 gph

1763 0.75 gph

1764 1.00 gph

1768 2.00 gph

Vibra-Clean® Six-Outlet,
1/2 inch FPT Swivel Base Emitter

1772 0.50 gph

1773 0.75 gph

1774 1.00 gph

1778 2.00 gph

Six-Outlet Emitter Applications

The Vibra-Clean® emitter head is shipped with three outlets sealed. This allows the user to open additional outlets as required.

The swivel base model of the 6-outlet emitter is shown with distribution tubing installed in all six outlets

Six-Outlet Emitter Applications

  • Area plantings
  • Slopes
  • Parking islands
  • When overspray is a problem
  • Uneven terrain
  • Buried or above-ground installation
  • U.S. Patents 4,589,595; 4,627,573; 4,392,616; 5,054,690; other patents pending.

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