The Olson Spike Stake is Almost Invisible

The stake's 5" spike provides a secure installation for micro-spray jets on risers.

The collar support at the riser connection protects the riser from breaking off at the barb.

Less than 1" of the stake remains above ground, providing a neat and inconspicuous installation.

The spike stake allows the riser to be flexible from the ground level up.

The stake's side barb allows connection directly to delivery tubing or remote from supply using a barbed adapter and flexible 0.160 tube.

The 10-24 threaded barb allows quick and secure attachment of riser to stake.

Model 6187

Height 6 inches
Riser Thread 10-24
Barbed Adapter 0.160-0.170 tubing


Engineering-grade plastic


Micro-Spray Accessories: Miscellaneous

Spike Stake, O-Jet® Series

Spike Stake with riser support collar and side connection barb.

6" long, 10-24 riser thread, and barbed adapter to fit 0.160/0.170 I.D. tubing

O-Jet® Low Volume Spray

10-32 Thread, fits 0.160 I.D. Poly or 0.120 vinly riser

Poly Risers for O-Jet® Series

3" height

6 " height

12" height

Typical Installations

Stake installtion
Stake installed directly in distribution tube.
Stake installed remote from supply tubing

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