Mini-Sprinkler spray pattern
The mini-sprinkler's wing-style rotor provides a broad throw pattern with even water distribution.

Emitter Head
The versatile combination base has both 3/8" MPT for connecting with internal threaded fittings and 10/32 NF threaded barb for connecting to .160 I.D. tubing.

Mini-sprinkler with Shrub Adapter
The Olson mini-sprinkler is shown mounted on a shrub adapter.



Mini-Sprinkler Chart


3/8" MPT with internal 10-32 UNF threaded barb

See chart above for model numbers and decriptions.

Mini-Sprinkler Assembly

Consists of mini-sprinkler, 2-ft.* riser tubing, stake and adapter, assembled. (Stakes packed separately.)

See chart above for model numbers and decriptions.

U.S. Patents 4,944,476; DES 316,367; 4,372,616

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