O-Jet® Low Volume Spray

O-Jet® 6000 Series Chart

Ideal Micro-Spray for Agricultural or Landscape Applications

  • Fan-type spray covers a wide area, developing a large feeder root system.
  • Wide surface water distribution provides advantages in areas where soil composition has poor lateral movement.
  • Low spray profile minimizes water on foilage.
  • Humidity and freeze damage control benefits are reported by users of spray jets.
  • Various spray patterns and discharge capacities provide design versatility.
  • O-Jet®

    10-32 Thread, fits 0.160 ID poly or 0.120 ID vinyl riser
    See chart above for model numbers and decriptions.

    O-Jet® Assembly

    Consists of O-Jet®, 2-ft.* riser tubing, stake and adapter, assembled. (Stakes packed separately.)
    See chart above for model numbers and decriptions.

    O-Jet Assembly
    O-Jet Fan-type Spray
    The O-Jet® assembly saves time and effort during field installation.
    The O-Jet® fan-type spray provides excellent coverage and the variety of spray patterns provide design versatility.

    Typical Installations

    Jet in hose with stabilizer
    base and hose clamp.

    Jet on riser with stabilizer
    base and riser clamp.

    Jet on shrub adaptor.

    Jet in hose with stabilizer
    stake and hose clamp.

    Jet on flex riser with spray
    stake remote from hose.

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