Ultra-Jet® Low Volume Stream Spray
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Ultra-Jet® 6900 Series Chart
1. Please specify pattern when ordering, i.e. 6901-OD, etc.
2. "T" signifies this jet is also available with a 10-32 thread. Specify - T when ordering.


Quick-lock, fits 0.285 OD x 0.180 ID riser.
See chart above for model numbers and descriptions.

Ultra-Jet® Assembly

Consists of Ultra-Jet®, 2 ft. riser tubing, stake and adapter, assembled. (Stakes packed separately.)
See chart above for model numbers and decriptions.

Ultra-Jet® Assembly Saves Time and Labor

Riser Support Stake with 2-way Clip & Alignment Clamp
  • Installs quickly and easily.
  • Holds tubing securely - jet will not twist out of position.
  • Can be driven into ground without damage to jet.
    Self-Punching Adapter
  • Cuts installation time by as much as 60%.
  • Patented adapter becomes the hole punch.
  • Installation is fast with the jet's quick-lock connection. A quarter turn locks the jet in position. Quick-Lock Connection

    Ultra-Jet® Features

  • Quick-lock connection installs with a simple quarter turn.
  • Wide open design discourages nesting insects, cleans easily.
  • Large opening reduces clogging.
  • One-piece construction eliminates cap pop-outs.
  • Unitized design provides equal water distribution through perfect alignment of orifice to splash plate.
  • U.S. Patents 4,392,616

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