Typical Installations

Fully extended - test mode.
Adjusted for new growth
Readjusted for mature turf.


TSR-1 Threaded Sprinkler Riser

Threaded Sprinkler Riser, raises or lowers sprinkler head up to 3 inches

Handles any type 1" sprinkler or 3/4" sprinkler with a reducer bushing.
TSR-1, 1 inch
TSR-25mm, 1 inch BSP
THE OLSON THREADED SPRINKLER RISER is designed to raise or lower a sprinkler with minimum digging. The TSR-1 can be easily adjusted by turning the sprinkler counter-clockwise to increase height and clockwise to lower height. The internal threads are shielded so they won't jam when adjusting the head up for turf growth or down when settling occurs.
The TSR-1 can be raised up to 3" to adjust sprinkler height to clear turf growth.


  • Provides a simple method of adjusting sprinkler height down for settling and up for turf growth.
  • Eliminates excess digging.
  • Allows sprinklers to be installed in "up" position, then adjusted down, thereby reducing dirt intrusion in the sprinkler.
  • Remains stable when set, but is easily adjusted.
  • Threads onto sprinkler with tapered thread, simply turn sprinkler to adjust.
  • Eliminates the need to know where the submain is located relative to the sprinkler.

  • The TSR-1 is lowered to accommodate soil settlement.

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